What do you guys think the EverEarn Crypto Coin? : altcoin

The devs are fully doxed. You can check their linkedin profiles. The project lead gives daily AMA calls, fully involved with the community and totally aligned with the investors.

What is amazing about this project is not only do they offer a MASSIVE 11% BUSD rewards, the payout ratio per token owned is also one of the highest. Comparing to Reflex Finance as an example for a similar market cap, EverEarn rewards payout ratio is approx. 3 times higher for the same amount of tokens owned. I think this is partly because EverEarn specifically excludes tokens in LP, locked for future CEX listing, and locked staking from reward calculation. The tokenomics is fully explained explained to the community, leaving no room for doubt.

Also, EverEarn will roll out 4 utilities within 4 – 6 weeks after launch. This shows the business-savvy mindset and detailed calculation the team are showing to ensure the success of the project.

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