Verus $VRSC – Layer 1 DeFi – Public Blockchain as a Service

I am not involved in this project anymore than I hang out in the Discord, follow the updates, tweet about it’s capabilities and mine/stake the coin but I am truly surprised that this project has barely been mentioned in this sub.

The project just celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary a few weeks ago, and it was a fair launch with no pre-mine back when it was kicked off. Since then, a few updates and additions have been added to their main-net (Such as Verus ID – a self-sovereign identification built into the protocol as an address to send/receive). The ID has the capability to have revocable and recoverable IDs set in the event your wallet becomes compromised, and when the test-net features rolls to main-net, the ability to lock your currency in a vault (off exchange) that can be set with a pre-determined amount of time to unlock the coin.

The bulk of the major updates that make it what the lead developer Mike Toutonghi (a former VP at Microsoft, and one of two named creators of .NET) states “fully decentralized platform with DeFi, an anti-MEV/front-running protocol, per-block conversion rates w/o spread, micro-conversions of cross-chain fees, self-sovereign, revocable recoverable addresses/IDs, zk-SNARKs, + no scale limit network.”

Verus is a 50/50 POW / POS coin and is CPU mineable, with the algorithm tuned for those using CPUs to level the playing field (VerusHash 2.0); and when the test-net updates move to main, it will be merge-mineable with up to 22 different chains simultaneously off the same hash power.

There will be an ETH bridge to move back and forth between the two, along with other cross currency conversions and the ability to make a public blockchain with a few clicks of a button. (All available to play around with on test-net, you can ask in their discord for free test coins to mess around with).

The Public Block Chain as a Service will allow other individuals to create their own blockchain with a few clicks of a button (+fees), set their own rules, add liquidity, and still be part of the overall Verus network for security.

I am blown away listening to many of the clubhouse chats and Discord chats the developer has put on and I have been helping to pass along any info on the coin for people to realize the potential this thing can bring. There are many articles out there on it, and I encourage you to read a little more on it that can go more in depth than I am able to.

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