US Consumers Still Has Low Knowledge On Web3 – Survey Reveals

According to an online survey conducted by the National Research Group (NRG), many people still have limited knowledge about web3 solutions, although they see web2 not enough. The research surveyed 1,500 US-based consumers and showed that more awareness needs to be done about the Web3 interface.

According to the findings, 54% of the respondents said they feel their rights and freedom as being threatened by technology. 35% of them are not satisfied with the lack of control over their data, 38% are angry with the level and invasive nature of online ads, and 44% are generally concerned about privacy issues.

The Level Of Web3 Knowledge Is Still Low

Almost 50% of them believe that tech companies wield so much power, which should be trimmed down.

The survey also revealed that 54% of them have not heard about Web3 while about 13% know what Web3 means. 33% of them are concerned about cybercrime when asked about the potential downsides of the new web as it relates to decentralized internet.

However, an impressive 83% of the surveyed believe that the new version of the internet will improve their lives.

In terms of crypto adoption, 39% of the respondents believe that cryptocurrencies are similar to shares and stocks to fiat currency while 15% believe that crypto investment is like gold. 57% of the respondents said they have either bought crypto or are hoping to do so in the future.

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More Users Want Greater Control Of Their Online Experience

Global head of insights and senior vice president at NRG, Marlon Cumberbatch, commented on the research. According to him, the most surprising thing about the research is to find out that consumers think there is a lack of agency in online spaces. He added that many of the respondents strongly want more control of how they engage with content online.

Also, they would want to see a situation where their data is respected and not handled the way corporations handle them now. As a result, the advocacy for Web3 iteration is getting louder each day, as more consumers want more control and more freedom in the use of the internet.

Cumberbatch stated that the survey highlights people’s desire to enter a new era of the internet where there will be a greater sense of control over their experiences online.

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