Tsuki Inu Token (TKINU) – A dog coin with explosive potential this month. Lance Bass of NSYNC and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys are invested, working on a project together, and promoting the hashtag #TsukiSavesTheWorld. : altcoin

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Obviously, with any investment, you should do your due diligence before throwing any money in. I am not here to tell you to buy this coin, but I do think it has some potential in empowering creative minds to make changes in the world, while making some SHIB-like gains.

I’ve taken the time to crawl the official Telegram and Discord to compile information and make it available via daily posts on r/TsukiInuToken. Currently we are awaiting the release of the ‘Moon Paper’ for final details, but here’s where the coin stands so far:

– 1Q Total Supply, with over 50% burned
– Locked Liquidity
– 2% of all Tsuki transactions (buy/sell) are redistributed to all wallets, including the burn wallet.
– There is a basic swap available on their website called TsukiSwap.
– The team has been very open, and has managed to make strong, consistent connections with celebrity partners (including Lance Bass and Nick Carter, who have been present in live Telegram chats).
– A marketing campaign is starting this week to advertise on 30 billboards across LA.
Entertainment Tonight has mentioned TKINU in passing, while covering Nick and Lance’s project.

Both Lance Bass and Nick Carter used to be massive names in the late 90s and early 2000s, and have stayed well connected in the music and entertainment industry. Michael Sugar, who has produced for high-profile artists and actors, has also publicly announced his interest.

There has been mention by them of the #TsukiSavesTheWorld foundation, which seems like it will be an engine to use TKINU for lifesaving causes. The plan, as far as I’ve gathered, is to use Tsuki to do good things around the world.

There is also currently a contest going on until Midnight (EST) on June 6th, which will be worth 12B, 5B or 3B tokens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. If you’re interested, that’s an easy way to get in without having to throw in your hard-earned money.

As of this writing, the market cap is at 26M, and the current price is ~0.000000053. I’ve provided links to all information that you might need to do your research. Good luck to everyone!

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