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Emmy nominated, lead writer Adam Gilad about the main character – Superdoge:

“… he’s a fascinating dude, he’s a common dog. Like all of us. This is about decentralised power and he’s a street dog, got his buddy Leme and he’s got a bit of a traumatic past, that not everyone will know about in the beginning. We’ll get hints and clues, but he’s got a huge heart. And like everyone who lives in Fiat city, which is where its set, people live under the control of fiat, so no one really has power. But he stumbles into a certain kind of power which we’ll reveal as we go, that isn’t just his…”

Listen to the full introduction of Superdoge, his origin story and much, much more during the latest AMA session on Youtube – ➡️ ⬅️

Also, if you’ve missed it – the team is currently developing a new charting platform, that takes the best features from CoinMarketCap, PooCoin, DexTools, DexGuru and BogTools and combines them all into one. Keep an eye out for in the very near future!


SUPERDOGE is an entertainment & media-based blockchain technology project utilising NFTs to create positive change & community enrichment.

$SUPDOG is a deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, incorporating a smart contract that yields allocated rewards from each transaction.

6% tax applied to every transaction:

🔥2% is permanently burned from the supply
💎2% is distributed to holders
🫂2% is sent directly to charity via smart contract


📝Audits BSC Checker Audit | CertiK audit

📰Seen on Bloomberg | Yahoo Finance | CNBC | Financial Post | Morning Star

🫂Community Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Discord | Facebook | Instagram| YouTube | Medium

💯Essentials Website | Chart | BscScan | CoinGecko | WhitePaper

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