Meet SUPERDOGE – World’s First Crypto Superhero 🦸 : altcoin

Introducing the SUPERDOGE meme token ecosystem that has been developed with smart contract embedded coding designed to create thriving value whilst coupled to real world use. This growth in utility is significantly supported by the development and commercialisation of new and exciting superhero characters having the intended purpose of directly funding various charities throughout the world.

The superhero characters bring a deeply engaging element to the project. The evolving stories and character development is followed by the creation & release of desirable NFT offerings, the production of quality digital comic strips, production of animated cartoon series, production of a charting platform and the establishment of digital gaming. Add in the buildout of promotional lotteries, educational tools, sponsors & advertising partners, the design & release of affordable yet desirable merchandise & collectible art coupled to generating licence or royalty fees will expand both new & recurring revenues.

Something truly tangible, measurable, transparent, community driven & deeply ethical. This can and will change many lives for the better.


The SUPERDOGE project team has substantial industry experience and has applied the best tools & knowledge available to create this principled project. The team has the determination to transcend that which has previously existed by using the latest technologies and craft. It is smarter, safer, more efficient, more inclusive and clearly more exciting and genuinely fulfilling – resulting in a tangible positive impact on the lives of all that come within its realm – especially for out charity partners.

By integrating deflationary tokenomics to grow fundamental value, incorporating smart contracts to share wealth, creating new superheroes with the obligatory sidekicks. Most importantly building a real business behind this which escalates activity, increase reach, community engagement, more charities & provides permanent economic opportunity. This all has the bonus of generating hard currency to share back into the burgeoning community, charities and the digital ecosystem.

We believe the time has finally arrived to take what we have learned from our crypto experience and give back to our collective community and the causes we cherish, just as our superheroes have shown us – it is simply the right thing to do.

As individuals we each have such relatively small superpowers, yet as a cohesive, inclusive and focussed community we can become the most influential superheroes yet to be released upon the planet.


For more information please visit the website and join our community at Discord and Telegram.

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