$ Luca Token Lucrosus Capital Public sale : altcoin

Lucrosus Capital is the first decentralized venture capital project offering institutional benefits to individual investors through its token – $ LUCA.

remember invest only a small part of our precious money, Why invest now?

The project is being launched, and to raise funds they are making a public sale of their TOKEN,

$ LUCA on the ERC-20 blockchain which will then be used to operate on their platform.

If you buy now the price is still low but you cannot sell your $ Luca Token until the end of Public sale, your token will be locked in your Lucrousus wallet till the end of the sale. Now they are at phase 15 out of 100 than $ Token will be listed on major exchange , The sell can take 3 or even 6 month Their customer service confirmed that it will be listed in many exchange but did not announce which until the end of the sale. The initial price was set at $ 0.026, the placement is divided into 100 phases and at each phase the value of the token rises by 1%

until you get to n 100 where it will be $ 0.052 and will be “placed on the market”

you can buy with your Coinbase account, or directly by crypto, for example I made the first bought from Coinbase in Doge and a second sending some Tron TRX from my Tronlink wallet, the bought was fast and almost fee less (Total cost 1 TRX )

The minimum investment is 3 $ which allows you to participate in the interesting affiliate program, to earn up to 30% oo all the transactions that will be carried out by those who’ll invest with your ref link

There are two ways to get rewarded at the moment, then Staking will be added:

The first method is in $ LUCA and this will give you 30% on all transition made by your refferel

The second is in ETH, where the percentage is 15%on all transition made by your refferal

The BONUS for those who register via the ref. link is 5% more of value added on all transactions

I Thanks who want to sign up with my Ref. Link:




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