Last Time To Buy on BSC | xxxNifty [N$FW] is leaving BSC | Join us shortly on Polygon chain | Rebranding whole Web3 EcoSystem, starting w/ Pleasurecoin [N$FW] | $8Million MarketCap ready to POP | Exchange listing on HitBTC in 2 weeks | More Top 10 exchanges to be listed after

Last Time To Buy on BSC | xxxNifty [N$FW] is leaving BSC | Join us shortly on Polygon chain | Rebranding whole Web3 EcoSystem, starting w/ Pleasurecoin [N$FW] | $8Million MarketCap ready to POP | Exchange listing on HitBTC in 2 weeks | More Top 10 exchanges to be listed after

Simple, lock, snapshit, airdrop Migration coming. Huge upside & growth with immediate listing on #5 Volume CEX HitBTC. The more Top 10 Exchanges shortly after.

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Web3 Marketplace “coming soon” – Pleasure Nifty ( )

-Similar to Open Sea, but better in all aspects

-V2 xxxNifty version may remain as legacy white label. More details to come

-OUR FOCUS: More whitelabel sales = reduced fees to creators

Adult Social Site “coming soon”- Pleasurely (

-Decreased fees compared to competitors. (Updates to creators first & foremost)

-Beta Phase is ON THE WAY. [Community] needs a PleasurePass to join in the beta

Airdrops coming Mid-April

Adult MetaVerse – PleasureLand ( )

-Pink Passes sold out wonderfully

-Pink Dolls on sale now!

-Our VIP Lexi Lore, 3D Avatar w/ our 1st official business in the Pink Tower. Her own bar!

-Our VIP Amouranth 3D Avatar will be the 1st employee in Lexi’s bar!

-Lexi & Amouranth outreach & socials for marketing- using their 3D avatars on socials & marketing to their audiences.

-Business list w/ prices to our community coming soon ( Open your business in PleasureLand )

-Big businesses looking to come aboard into PleasureLand, thanks to conferences. Also possible partnerships. Updates to come with more meetings/news.

-Hiring an expert Discord/NFT manager. Someone with proven NFT connections & discord management skills. Bringing eyes to our NFTs & Metaverse

Rebrand w/ migration- PleasureCoin [NSFW Ticker] ( )

-Migrating to Polygon chain (MATIC)

-No tax, No burn, No shitcoin status

-Hold tokens. Snapshot blockchain wallets. Airdrop EASY PEASY

-Binance smart chain is a joke and has the shitcoin stigma. Amouranth & other influencers couldn’t promote us with the XXX in the name, and attracting & talking to HUGE companies

-Moving to a reputable Chain & building out our Ecosystem will show the world we are here to stay & shape the adult industry via Web3 & blockchain technologies. Removing ourselves from the BSC shitcoin stigma.

Exchange Listings- Is it all coming together now? We held off for many reasons that we just spoke about. Trying to rebrand, migrate, & THEN depend on the exchanges to align with our timeframes was a gamble we weren’t going to take!!!

-CEX: HitBTC on March 28th with $NSFW/$USDT trading pair

-CEX: Lbank holders send your tokens to Metamask or Trust Wallet for a snapshot.

-DEX: QuickSwap on March 28th with $NSFW/MATIC trading pair

-FloozTrade will still be available using the Polygon chain.

-Polygon coins are Trustwallet & Metamask compatible making the airdrops seamless.

**We will lock the contract & take a snapshot of the token wallets about a week prior to Exchange listings to complete the Migration.**

Why HitBTC?

HitBTC is a consistent Top 5 exchange by volume. To qualify for the bluechip Top 10 exchanges(Binance, Kucoin,, etc), qualifying volumes by reputable exchanges are needed to be eligible to list on them. And ohhhhhh they’re next.. HitBTC will assist in the needed volume & is a stepping stone to those Top exchanges for maximum outreach & accessibility to users across the globe

New Company Ecosystem & name- The Pleasure Network ( )

Our Pleasure brands highlight our new EcoSystem, The Pleasure Network, and can be marketed much easier & sexier by all, with no fears of shadow banning! No more Binance smart chain shitcoin stigma. No more xxx! Only Pleasure!!!!

Company structure moving forward

-Company Restructuring was needed for all these Pleasure products. New positions were formed, while others were split up amongst the newly formed titles.

-Lexi Lore- Our Exclusive VIP & Studio Liaison!!!!

-Hiring Discord manager for our Meta/ NFTs/ Marketing efforts

-Possible PR agent or marketing firm

Additional info

-We’ve talked a little bit about how marketing will be leveraged & done with different platforms. It’s not a 1 and done across the board blanket of marketing available.

-Marketing is done in several ways & is effective to certain niches, platforms, & audiences differently. We are creating new socials for all platforms as well as different marketing strategies for each.

-Each platform will market itself with our VIPs & creators. Their followings, their socials, youtubes, twitches, & especially Crypto Academy.

-Crypto Academy will be special in it’s own right because it will teach that HUGE MAINSTREAM ISSUE. That being the education behind crypto, NFTs, & blockchain in general

-Amouranth hired another assistant just to manage her marketing/alignment with us

-Amouranth is opening a business in Pleasureland, as well as Lexi Lore

-Amouranth PleasureLand branded 3D avatar for shilling on socials

With all the aforementioned strategies, as well as PR releases & HUGE partnerships we are bonding & forming, this rocket is set, fueled, & ready for Liftoff my friends!

Our vision of empowering the creator by utilizing Our soon to be Web3 EcoSystem through our utility coin $NSFW starts now!!!! It’s taken 10 months & here we are at the cusp of setting the standard in this industry. Setting the standard that we are here for our sexworkers & creators going forward into this new world of technological advancements. Being the first-mover in this industry as advanced as we are as an ecosystem; we will continue to build out Bigger & Better going forward!

The days of being a hidden Gem will be behind us soon. The crypto & adult space will have no choice but to recognize & embrace! To the moon my friends!


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