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In the first quarter of 2022, the GameFi segment of the crypto industry will receive an exceptionally powerful boost. At this time, the beta launch of the Illuvium blockchain game is planned, perhaps, the first full-fledged AAA project in this area. The strengths of the project include a thorough approach, a thoughtful game world and the overall high playability of Illuvium. Unlike the absolute majority of projects of this kind, where game mechanics serve only as a superstructure over token farming, Illuvium really looks attractive from all sides.

From a visual point of view, Illuvium, running on the Unreal engine, can be compared to the “classic” Borderlands. RPG gives gamers the opportunity to travel through the vast digital landscape, in search of rare exotic alien creatures called Illuvial. These rare collectible in-game NFT creatures can be mined, collected, captured and sent into battle. In addition to collecting these animals, you can complete quests that give an understanding of the history of the game universe. Players receive in-game rewards in ILV by participating in competitions, tournaments or completing PVE quests.

The commercial side is focus to obtaining tokens based on ETH. Professional development team in combination with a sufficient amount of collected investments to pay for their work, makes play-to-earn in the case of Illuvium an occupation that really allows you to spend many hours pleasantly and usefully. In simple words, Illuvium is beautiful and fascinating. Besides, you can get real money for this game.

ILV is a basic network management token. Token holders get access to voting rights on the network. It is noteworthy that ILV is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used for direct transactions between players, as well as for buying and selling in-game objects.

Registration for the beta version of the game is currently taking place on the main page of the platform. Registration is free, and as motivation, players will get exclusive access to scarce NFT. In addition, the developers’ approach to marketing policy in general is sympathetic. Right now there is a large-scale airdrop – for every ILV invested in the game, the development team makes the most powerful x5 cashback. That is, you will get back five times more tokens than you invest.

The Illuvium concept alone, which the developers presented to investors two years ago, took up more than 150 pages of text and it is impossible to describe its subtleties in a nutshell. Suffice it to say: the developers were able to come up with a game that eliminates most of the problems inherent in other NFT games.

As a rule, NFT games look extremely unattractive, and playing them is absolutely boring. The gameplay boils down to collecting NFT items and further exchange for certain tokens. The specific problem of games on Ethereum was overload, which made the gameplay very tedious at key moments. Which is not surprising – Ethereum is the largest Dapp and DeFi ecosystem in the world. The Illuvium development team solved the issue thanks to the integration of the Immutable X second-level protocol. This network significantly improves the performance of Ethereum-based projects.

The second major problem of most GameFi projects is a bias towards commercialization. Illuvium promises to surprise gamers and offers a game that is both exciting and profitable.

Related to this is another bonus that Illuvium offers players. This game is understandable, and does not scare off congestion, it is not necessary to be a crypto expert to use it. You cannot know anything about cryptocurrencies at all, but just play. Everything that needs to happen will happen by itself. Illuvium is ideal for new users and those who have never played NFT games.

Another huge advantage of Illuvium is the zero gas fee in peer-to-peer trading networks. Immutable X makes this strategy possible – in addition to providing gamers with near-real-time transactions and additional functionality compared to the main Ethereum network.

In addition to mining ILV tokens during the game, coins can be obtained through a pool – the safest way to increase crypto capital. You can place your tokens in these pools to make a profit without the risk of losing your digital assets. To place an ILV bet, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet to the betting pool. You will need to think about how long and how many tokens you want to block. The more you bet, the higher your rewards.

Illuvium (ILV) is available on several exchanges (certain restrictions apply to US citizens) – including Binance,, WazirX.

The GameFi segment could not take off to the desired height for a long time. This was hindered by the low qualifications of developers, as well as the pursuit of profit to the detriment of the gameplay. Illuvium is the first AAA gaming project, which is of exceptional quality and is simply bound to become an industry breakthrough.

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