Hugo Finance and 100xCoin the 2 most ambitious projects on the BSC : altcoin

Hugo Finance and 100xCoin will host an AMA Monday, June 7th 3pm PST, they will share massive news about their partnership and future of the projects.

What is $Hugo ?

‍Hugo will be used as a governance token for a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) run by the community. Hugo will have utility and independent stability by growing its upcoming NFT platform and Gaming market.

They have also partnered with eFuse a big gaming platform & app where gamers meet, compete, and get discovered.

Hugo team has been KYC verified by Passorfailme, and audited by QuillAudits

Hugo Finance socials and contract:




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Listed on CMC and coingecko

Whats is 100xCoin?

Founded by influencer Ken the Crypto, he explains below his vision and mission for 100xCoin

100xCoin will be the premier place to buy/sell/trade low – mid cap projects.

Projects that aren’t the top 100 in CMC.

Projects that are very undervalued and hard to get into (BSC, Matic Network, AVAX, Cardano network etc.)

How i see this playing is that we own the bridge to cross chain projects.

Essentially the Binance of Meme coins/Shitcoins.

Where I see 100xCoin going 6-12 months from now (or sooner):

I plan on taking this project into an actual real world company and be publicly traded.

I am not fucking around with this project.

We have now transitioned into an App company and really soon that is where I want all the focus to be on.

I will stop at nothing to build this into a Billion Dollar company and be the premier bridge to cross-chain projects.

This is not even about the money for me anymore. This about building something bigger than me or anything that I could imagine.

I will GIVE everything into 100xCoin. This is my life. My Baby. My passion.

-Ken The Crypto

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Listed on coingecko and CMC

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