Fuck over Elon’s Doge with our meme cat token; including an NFT sale🚀 : altcoin

Update post from last time :So $Bingus teamed up with $Dogira to do a charity NFT sale and it is happening right now over on Rarible

29 NFTs sold so far with the BINGUSxDOGIRA NFT sale!

Amount raised so far is 10k USD!!!!!! All of it is going to charity.

How to participate

Event is live on @rariblecom Under the profile https://rarible.com/rootpew

Oh, yeah, rootpew was a Dogecoin dev and is now Dogira lead dev and helping out BINGUS too.


No Rugpull✅

Doxxed Devs✅

Continuous Charity Donations✅


Staking with Daily Rewards✅

Bingus Shelter/Rescue Utility Platform Beta in q4 ✅

Awesome Community ✅

Low Price ✅

Our Influencers : Cr1tiKal, Anthomnia, Michael Rainey Jr, Bbno$, Crispy Concords and Rocky Kanaka ✅

Do you hate the capitalist elon fucking over the market with dog coin?

Let’s combat him with our cat meme coin.

Don’t hesitate to put your money into Bingus, it might seem like tough times right now but our community has always stuck through this, buy in now to get in at an ultra low price.

Don’t regret in the future not getting in at a cheap price, you might have missed doge,shib… but you wont miss this. ⸂⸂⸜(ೆ௰ೆ๑)⸝⸃⸃


3% slippage is needed (Bogged, ApeSwap, SnowgeSwap, PancakeSwap v1 (NOT V2), Hotbit, Probit)

1% to charity, 1% burned, 1% sent to $Bingus holders

Holders: 17,905

Market Cap: $1.6m (at time of post)


$Bingus website bingus.io

Merch store

Telegram: @bingus_token




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