$DES by Despace 💫 Provides access to all NFTs through a single platform. : altcoin

DeSpace Protocol is a multi-chain DeFi and NFT protocol that rewards users with the protocol’s native token whenever they complete a transaction on DeSpace’s Aggregator or one of its native solutions such as NFT launchpad, NFT marketplace, DeSwap DEX, and its DeLend platform.
By default, Their NFT works in the marketplace will be copyright protected. Only the work’s owner will be able to choose which path to take (plagiarising is the worst). They have the choice to allow people to share their work on Twitter or Facebook which I’ve been looking forward to!
They will aggregate many Decentralized exchanges into a single interface that provides investors with fantastic trading tools and ultra-fast transactions.
They will tackle the problem of users accessing and utilizing various decentralized exchanges and other DeFi solutions by providing a single interface from which they may access and utilize different DeFi and NFT platforms. DeSpace is powered by DeChain, a layer 2 blockchain solution that is interoperable with the DeFi and NFT ecosystems’ multiple layer blockchain solutions.


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