UltraSafe Finance | UFC Hall of Famer “Suga Rashad Evans” officially becomes their first ambassador

I have been following UltraSafe’s community and their team for a while now and I am pretty confident about what there is to come from what I’ve seen presented so far.

Yesterday it was announced that “SUGA” RASHAD EVANS has begun his ULTRASAFE partnership on his Instagram page… and he’s diamond fisted holding a big bag of Ultra. In his IG post he wrote, “the real selling point for me is that it’s 100% rug proof. That’s like going into a bar fight with Francis Ngannou.. consider yourself safe.”

His post was liked, commented, and sparked interest within many people in his social circle including big fighters, actors, and the President of the PFL (Professional Fighters League). The list goes on… in fact here are some to name that I saw:

I’m not saying they are all invested on the coin yet but it’s something. There are definitely eyes with big money watching the coin. Just browsing the official ultrasafe instagram alone I feel like I saw a few potential partnerships that aren’t official yet. DYOR, please.

Now when crypto.com has signed a $175M deal with the UFC smart money knows that cryptocurrency is the future and here at UltraSafe they are happy to be the crypto for fighters and fans alike. Let’s see where this goes.

“… investing now is the time, there is much more to come with Ultra and you will want to be part of this community sooner than later..” – Rashad Evans

All the information you need to learn about UltraSafe is listed below:

💻 Website: ultrasafe.finance

📄 Whitepaper

Audits: 1 – Solidity 2 – CertiK

💻 Coingecko 💻 CoinMarketCap

Social Media:

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltraSafeBSC

📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/ultrasafe.bsc

📖 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltraSafeOfficial

Community Spaces:

🔭 Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/UltraSafeAnnouncements

📱 Telegram Community: https://t.me/UltraSafeOfficial

💬 Discord Channel

👽Reddit: r/ultrasafe


  • Devs Doxxed

  • Certik and Solidity Audited

  • Debit/credit processing on site TBA

  • Liquidity locked for 79 years

In my honest opinion, this is a beautiful entry point especially if you’ve been keeping up with their news for what’s to come! It’s going to be an Ultra Summer!

I am very excited for what lies ahead. The UltraSafe Family is feeling bullish and confident about the project despite the current state of the market, because there are so many things lined up in the coming weeks. They’ve been getting contracts signed left and right behind the scenes with a big one coming within the next few weeks is a second UFC fighter endorsement! Who knows who that might be? Not only that, Rashad will continue working alongside UltraSafe as their ambassador.

For me, what makes me feel bullish about the project despite the negativity coming around is their highly dedicated, hard working team members and Los Angeles based public relations firm working with them called 9thWonder, who has a staff with a reputable history with many big name brands and celebrities including tech giants: Microsoft, Sony, car brands like Nissan, Amazon and the famous LAX airport… and much more! Feel free to check out their PR Firms website and look at the bios. There’s quite a lot of people involved. I was looking through some of the top ones on there and that’s how I created that list. I doubt they would waste their resources if they didn’t see any good in this project. Pretty soon they will pushing out professional content for Ultra and I can’t wait to see that! Without the help of the Pr Firms (9thWonder) connections, UltraSafe wouldn’t have signed a deal with Rashad Evans. I’m curious what’s there to come out of them.

Honestly, it’s been a bit rough within the past few weeks but they’re taking it as a learning experiece to improve who to reach out to. When these things start pushing out soon working with these new people they have come in contact with and start releasing their promises (check them out yourself) I’m hearing NFT related, direct card payments, merch, staking, apps, more celeb endorsements (they’re being more careful this time it seems!) I feel like the coin could get out of this 5M MC range pretty soon… I’m hearing from the chat lately that marketing material is being made and brainstormed lately from 9thWonder for their YouTube, Twitter, etc. accounts. And latest news a few weeks ago they acquired an LLC called Ultrasafe global holdings LLC.

Personally I feel like they could do a lot with their branding of “UltraSafe” and us strong holders in the chat have been constantly giving them feedback and constructive criticism for them to respond to. If you have any concerns with the coin you can directly contact them in the telegram where they are most likely to respond when they can. Everyone there is super helpful for the most part. Some you just need to get to know them a bit more for them to open up. Not gonna lie, I was a bit intimidated sharnig my thoughts but they made me feel welcomed. Just being in there for a while I’ve made many friends who taught me a lot more about how crypto works and I am thankful for that. They helped me get through these tough two months and it was really reassuring. UltraFamily is pretty cool.

Do your own research before investing, ask all the questions you need… because I honestly just want to spread the word about something I know has potential in the long term! <3 And I appreciate the time you took to read this much about the coin.

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