Today, $HUP ($700k mc) announced their partnership with Flux ($45m mc) for Socially Conscious NFT Marketplace. This is HUGE for such a small cap. 💎 $HUP 🤯 : altcoin

$HUP literally JUST announced a partnership with Flux.
Yes, THAT Flux.

$HUP has already announced a partnership with ETHO Protocol.

Here’s their tweet about it.

This is the BEST news the project has had yet! Staking and farming to come soon.


🌭HUP.LIFE ($HUP) is building HUP.MARKET, the socially conscious NFT Marketplace for artists and collectors to authenticate their art, find copycats online, and buy, sell, and license them through their copyright as Copyright-Enabled NFTs (ceNFTs)™, while complying with international copyright and securities law. And while helping to save capybaras at the same time.

✔ $HUP solves the NFT Permanence Problem and hosts metadata and multimedia files through a Decentralized, Resilient File Hosting Protocol

✔ $HUP lets you make your NFTs work for you. Copyright owners can earn $HUP by licensing art to: Art Galleries, Live Broadcasts, Metaverse Parties, Advertisers, and more.

✔ $HUP is the fuel of HUP.MARKET, and donates 5% of NFT Sales & Licensing Deals to a broad-based cause selected by artists at the time of minting, and artists are rewarded 5% of Secondary Sales & Licensing Deals.

$HUP Has Probably The Best Tokenomics You’ve Never Seen™, including an 8% fee on every token purchase, sale and wallet transfer:

2% is automatically and proportionately rewarded to all $HUP holders.

2% Is burned forever.

2% is converted to liquidity.

and 2% is sent to a charity wallet for capybara-related causes.

✔️ $HUP – 100% Fair Launched on PancakeSwap June 15th

✔️100% DOXXED, transparent team

🔥Binance Smart Chain PURCHASE LINK:

🚨THE NFT PROJECT has been Endorsed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

🔥 Passed 2 Audits! CertiK &, Haeichi

Major Publication Mentions





🔥In Wallet Staking. Just hold $HUP Tokens in your wallet to earn daily rewards.🔥

🔥Key Social Sites:

Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel:





💬 Holders 3800 +

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