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Goji Crypto Core Team will be having a live AMA Session starting at 8pm EST Thursday July 29th. They will be discussing the recently delivered WhitePaper, future plans, current promos, events and a lot more. The AMA will be held on the Goji Discord Server.

Link to Server

Be sure to check out our recently released whitepaper first so you are up to speed for the AMA!


CG: Hanu

$HANU is the first step in the Goji Cryptoverse that will allow for the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that sits at the foundation of a new enterprise allowing businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of blockchain technology to fill the gaps in their current payment processing systems.

This project has a two sided coin, our first and foremost is the community side. Goji Crypto ecosystem will be driven by a diverse and highly motivated community. Similar to open-source and other collaborative projects, all innovation comes from the community itself where collaborative use actually enriches our resources.   Flipping the coin to the other side, is a more business orientated structure that leverages the Goji ecosystem within their Blockchain Integration for Businesses. Enables a faster and more secure information transferring between businesses by making use of blockchain’s power of transparency and real-time data ledger technology.   This platform enables businesses to verify identities and reduce fraud by prioritizing the inherent safety that comes from blockchain capabilities, reducing costs, protecting consumer data and making it easier to approve transactions quickly.   Platform Capabilities:  

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