$Milk and $Butter Official Partners with “FFL Global” “Action Against Hunger” 440K DONATED New Voting NFT Contract Deployed and Functional

The market is starting to recover and we are seeing an influx of holders!!!

The team is continuing their committed to working very hard on the project every day. They will continue to work on partnerships, develop the project ecosystem, get involved with influencers, and look for listing opportunities!

Current donation is $440,000 from Butter Token and all donations can be tracked on the blockchain and verified by the charities themselves. (We got a shoutout from MR. Beast!)

News from this week:

• Total donation sum of $440K

• We have fed nearly 1 million people total with our donations, and Food For Life Global has a system to track exactly how many are fed with their received donations thanks to OM guarantee certification

• Our partners at “Action Against Hunger” say that the funds raised in the last donation are the equivalent of the estimated cost of providing life-saving treatment for around 772 children suffering from acute malnutrition!

• New NFT voting contact

• New NFT Artwork released – TIERED based on butter voting power!

• Both tokens now available on Snowge and Apeswap

• Check out this Awesome Video from our Partner ! https://youtu.be/xIocgPwtaRY

• Weekly LIVE Video AMA on twitch

Quick Facts:

• $Butter listed on [CMC](https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/butter-token/)

• $Milk listed on [CMC](https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/milk-token/)

• $Milk tracked on [Coinbase ](https://www.coinbase.com/price/milk-token)

• $Butter tracked on [Coinbase ](https://www.coinbase.com/price/butter-token)

• Live video AMA on [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/milkbuttertoken)

• Coingecko listings

$Milk: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/milk-token

$Butter: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/butter-token

Milk and Butter tokens, for those that haven’t heard, are companion tokens in the Binance Smart Chain with an emphasis on charity giving. Milk is an RFI token that can be staked to generate Butter, which is used to power community voting for their favorite charities on a weekly basis. Those that merely wish to vote may purchase Butter tokens on the open market as well, which also drives rewards for those that stake Milk!


5% of all Butter transactions are guaranteed to go to a charity wallet. In addition, Butter can be used to suggest new charities.


$440,000 has been donated to charity so far, at a market cap below 2M. We made crypto history when Butter became the first BEP-20 token to partner with a major food charity: Food For Life Global https://ffl.org/20077/cryptocurrency-butter-token/

The liquidity for both the Milk and Butter tokens is locked away until 2022, at which point both will be relocked. Our Market cap is still low with a solid base, we’re building our community for healthy growth, and we’ll continue to develop this project with many exciting use cases plus a full array of features to be rolled out as development completes.

Each week the Milk and Butter token team hosts AMAs with the Developer on Twitch where the community can ask any questions they may have. Occasionally, we have guests, where the CEO of “Food For Life Global” has joined us and explained the amazing genesis of “Food for Life Global” and took viewer questions in one of our AMAs. Our AMA’s stream every Sunday at 3am UTC [here.](https://www.twitch.tv/milkbuttertoken)


• This week gamification of Butter begins with lotto/bingo games being implemented.

• The voting and staking processes will continue to be refined to make the experience as easy and accessible as possible.

• Planned instructional content to help those new to crypto learn about the space and how to purchase and use the Milk and Butter tokens.

• Additional exchange listings

• Milk has been [audited](https://dessertswap.finance/audits/Milk%20Token%20BEP-20%20Audit%206361622.pdf) with Butter audit incoming this week. Milk will be submitted for re-audit with team fully doxed now.

• The developer is [doxed ](https://christianclaypool.wordpress.com/about/)

• Milk and Butter LLC is established as a legal entity with full team being doxed [here.](https://www.milktoken.net/#team)

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