Make A Difference Token is more than just a charity token, it’s a charity movement that is powered by cryptocurrency. : altcoin

Make A Difference Token ($MAD) is a serious project that is setting the standard for transparency and philanthropy in the crypto space, and has already made partnerships with three brick and mortar charities: Musicians Making A Difference Australia, The Cure Starts Now, and Rethink Food (NY).

The mission of MAD Token is to increase access to cryptocurrency donation streams for nonprofits and charities, as well as educating these organizations so they can maximize the utility of these donations. The smart contract terms entail a 4% fee that goes to a wallet used for charitable donations, as well as 2% reflected back to holders (and 2% added to liquidity). In addition, the team allocated 25% of total supply to the charity wallet, which is protected by a multi-signature wallet that requires four of the eight team members to sign any transaction.

The project also emphasizes education by focusing on teaching its community and partnered charities how to safely and effectively utilize cryptocurrency for its intended purposes.

These things combine to make MAD Token a powerful force in charity. Its charity wallet is self-replenishing, and its MAD donations increase in size the longer they are held. Because they are donating $MAD, the token’s price is unaffected by the donations, and each donation adds more tokens into the wallet of each holder. 

The future roadmap of MAD Token includes the ability of MAD holders to donate to their partnered charities: a network that is quickly growing and will snowball as word continues to spread. Their roadmap also includes a decentralized exchange (MADex) with unique features tailored to the charity space and will support tax-deductible donations to these charities.

These are just a few of the things that make MAD Token a coin to keep your eye on. The dev team is uniquely qualified for what it is doing, with Harvard and Cambridge-educated veterans of charity alongside a trader who works at Orthogonal Trading, a firm that specializes in DeFi crypto. They are completely transparent and host regular Twitch and Telegram AMAs, list all team wallets on their website, and keep the community informed of developments as they happen.

I have high hopes for this project. It has accomplished so much already in such a short time, and shows no signs of slowing down. I would highly recommend keeping an eye on them.


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