Dogecoin now available on | by | @blockchain | May, 2021

For those of you who have been banging down our doors with excitement about Dogecoin, we have our response: Fine, we’ll add it! No this is not a joke.

There are so many things to say about Dogecoin, but we’ll keep this brief. While it was launched as a joke (based on a meme), it was built on crypto primitives that are ironically more predictable and transparent than fiat currency like the US Dollar. It’s experienced explosive growth in the wake of attention from celebrities, news media, and the internet.

It’s pretty amazing what can happen when you let people securely trade a meme. All we can say is: Wow. Much amaze. Such enjoyment.

Doge (#DOGE) is available to trade in the Exchange. Log in now to start trading.

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