Coin impossible to sell : altcoin

Hello guys, I hope i am not posting in the wrong section but been looking around and couldn’t find any useful thread about the shitcoins that are impossible to sell, only unsolved questions. So these are your typical shitcoins you fomo in for a quick buck, all candles are green only buy orders and nobody selling you are up in profit.. Too good to be true ofc! So when you want to sell.. for example in pancakeswap you get the error “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED”. and its impossible to sell doesn’t matter if you change the coin you want to swap to or even put slippage to 49%. Usually they are a scam coin of a coin that’s already trending like

Would it work to connect your wallet to the contract Web 3 in and try to sell the tokens from there? Or you risk your wallet getting emptied as a whole? Any other solution or suggestion is welcomed. Thanks in advance guys.

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