$7DAY – First Token of its Kind! Dynamic Token Lock Per Wallet – Launch Tomorrow

What is $7DAY?

  • 7DAY token is a distribution platform that incorporates a 7 day holding period per individual wallet automatically via smart contract. Unlike other limited trading platforms, 7DAY is dynamic and basis it’s selling unlocks per individual – not a set time. This ensures that sudden dumps do not occur during unlock periods and ensures a stable price resistance over time along with liquidity locking. Sellers are also given the option to exit the contract early at the expense of taking a 55% fee which rewards holders. Wallets with more than 1% of the supply are limited to 0.5% per week unless they want to take the 55% fee, ensuring no sudden dumps can occur.


  • 11% Transaction Tax

    • 7% – Liquidity

    • 4% – Redistribution

  • 55% Tax to Early Sellers who must set Slippage to 65%+ to be able to sell but the tax will always remain at 55%. High slippage transactions can be done on the website!

    • 35% – Liquidity

    • 20% – Redistribution

  • 30% Initial Burn

  • Max Sell Amount = 0.5% of the total supply or 50% of your current holdings.

  • Wallets with more than 1% of the supply (5% max) are limited to 0.5% each week including developers.

  • Buys and Sells will reset your 7 Day Timer.

Website: https://7daytoken.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/token7day

Contract Address: 0xaDc8128253aa9C6992a0a0Ac0a16e27173845343

Burn Proof:


Liquidity Locked Proof (2+yrs): https://team.finance/view-coin/0xaDc8128253aa9C6992a0a0Ac0a16e27173845343?name=7DAY&symbol=7DAY

Ownership Renounced Upon Launch

There is NO PRESALE!

Already applying for https://coinmarketcap.com/ and https://www.coingecko.com/en

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